Mr. Augusto Rosa, the actor

The street where we bought the apartment, has taken its name from a famous actor from the 19th century, Mr. Augusto Rosa (1852-1918). He played all genres but excelled in comedy and drama in theatres like Teatro Da Trindade and D.Maria II. Sites today refer to him as the greatest actor of all times.He died on number 50 of the street and in the same year the Lisbon City Council built a bust. Six years after his death in 1924 the Rua do Arco do Limoeiro was changed to Rua Augusto Rosa, in 1955 to Rua de Augusto Rosa.

Mr. Augusto Rosa in the garden of his house, 1903

The bust that was erected in 1918, the year of his death

Rua Augusto Rosa showing Lisbons famous trams, in the 1940s Photo by W. Robert Moore, National Geographic. Our house is at the left of the picture.

The façade of the house Augusto Rosa lived in.

The crowd that accompanied his funeral in 1918 when passing the National Theatre D. Maria II (today still the most prestigious venue, located in Rossio Square)

The Sunday Illustrated, 1926

Augusto Rosa sitting in his house around 1910, on number 50 of the street with his name

The house of Augusto Rosa around 1910, on number 50 of the street with Augusto Rosa's name

Mr. Augusto Rosa, unknown painter

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